Jason Freidenfelds
Go on—drag the cards around! They'll remember where you put them.
Jason Freidenfelds

I'm the PR manager for the 1UP Network

Benge.1UP.com — my blog

Résumé: PDF / Word doc


Blue Bone Express — I play trombone in this "experimental trad jazz" New Orleans brass band

Luminous Family Trust — I also play in this "punkified world music" rock band

Mr. Magic — I'm for hire as a magician and juggler!

Microphotograph of Horseshoe Crab embryo — won First Prize in Marine Biological Laboratory contest and was published in Biological Bulletin vol. 195(3)

Rearranger — drag-and-drop items in a list; uses dynamic HTML and javascript


Quincy Assassin Game — themed after Shogun

the eon company public website I helped build back in 2000

My old Flash page — 1999 kinetic aesthetic

Business cards I designed

Citilights — nice old site I built to maximize CSS

My invention (use AlternaTIFF to view in IE) — U.S. Patent #D307,225; won national Invention Convention contest


Blue Bone Express guerrilla parade, Oakland

Berkeley Kite Festival 2006

Thailand and Cambodia, July 2006

Coachella and Joshua Tree, April 2006

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, Feb. 2006

Chris and Carol's wedding, June 2005

E3 2005 videogame convention

New Orleans 2005