Quincy Shogun Assassin 2000 Assie Recipients and Nominees:

First Kill:
Shankar Duraiswamy (Four Horsemen)
Petar Maymounkov (Aconcagua Dosenoeffner)
Marcie Bianko (Tokugawa Winkie and the Five Senses)

Most Stylish Kill:
Sarah "Rambo" Spiegel and Toni Calbert (Spawn of a Preacher Man)
Jesse Zalatan and Alex Athanassiou (Trouble Shooters and Jacobites)
Sultan "Hideyoshi" Yassin and Humayun "Kawasaki" Khalid (Matriza)

Best Assassin:
Tae "Look at my Schl" Hong (The Penetrators)
Sultan "Hideyoshi" Yassin (Matriza)
Shankar Duraiswamy (From Four Horsemen)
Sarah "Rambo" Spiegel (Spawn of a Creature Man)

Coolest Clan:
Crusaders for Jebus (Jennifer, Shannon, Joanie, Rich, Lynda, and Susan)
The Four Horsemen (Shankar, Thomas, and Sal)
Spawn of a Preacher Man (Toni, Sherina, Beth, Engi, Sarah, and Carol)

Best Individual Submission to the Shogunate:
Alex Athannassiou (The Jacobites) with "The Naked Gun"
Joanie Hubble (Crusaders for Jebus) with "A Close Shave"
Jerome Martin (Tokugawa Winkie and the Five Senses) with "Choka of the Tokugawa Ronin"

Most Consistently Entertaining Submissions to the Shogunate:
Jerome Martin (Tokugawa Winkie and the Five Senses)
Beth Marino (Spawn of a Preacher Man)
Alex Athanassiou (The Jacobites)

Final Clan:
The Penetrators (Tae, Davesh, Joseph, Ping, Joaquin, and Chris)
The Four Horsemen (Shankar, Thomas, and Sal)
The Dancing Itos (Brian, Parker, Rachel, Marc, Mike, and Eric)

The Alex Athanassiou Endowment award:
Joanie Hubble, Linda Yast, Soozie Chen, Richard Parr, Jennifer Vandrovec (Crusaders for Jebus) and Tae "Look at my Schl" Hong (The Penetrators)


Clan Points
Individual Kills
Penetrators 25
Matriza 7
Four Horsemen 7
Zankoku 5
Spawn 4
Jacobites 4
Trouble Shooters 3
Tokugawa 1
Crusaders 1
Aconcagua 1
Tae Min Hong 10
Davesh Maulik 5
Sultan Yassin 4
Shankar Duraiswamy 4
Jesse Zalatan 3
Sandra Guzman 3
Sal Espinosa 3
Toni Calbert 2
Alex Athanassiou 2
Sarah Spiegel 2

For kill locations, see the Kill Map.