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marketing database

The company index, the first in our marketing database, contains business and contact information about related companies: customers, prospects, partners and competitors. Feel free to update the database yourself or contact Fredrik.

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industry news

Keep up to date with this industry news (suggested by Elizabeth, reviewed by Brian):

  1. - I like the writing - they're actually funny sometimes - and they consistently publish smart articles that are relevant to our space. The site is a little gaudy but it's easy to find good stuff. Clay Shirky writes a very smart column.
  2. - I really like this site. A lot of the columnists are insightful, especially James Fallows (you can look up his articles).
  3. - Sort of in a different category, but their tech and business sections tie things together very nicely.
  4. - Well-written, relevant, most suggestive title. The "herring" appeals to my nascent Swedish identity. But a red herring is something that throws a blood hound or a snooping detective off the right trail. Hm. I think the design is ugly.
  5. - Nice. Concise and pleasant to tool around on.
  6. - I'm sure the content is good but the site is way too cluttered and busy.
  7. - Nice design but it's kind of stocky (focuses on stocks instead of tech) and it lionizes investment bankers, which I find problematic.