When PCS customer service put me on hold for almost an hour, I realized that I was being treated to almost a full hour of non-stop smooth jazz. And since there were only three songs on loop, I got very familiar with every nuance of the soprano sax's smooth (almost creamy) licks and the synth piano player's "hip" jazzy feel. What better opportunity to record and save forever these treasureful tunes?

  1. "SprintSmooth" -- the SprintPCS On-Hold Smooth Jazz Theme
  2. "Reflections"
  3. "Kickin' into Action"

I also wrote them a letter complimenting their fine "smooth jazz" choices and recommending that in the future they try Iron Maiden. (Sprint still hasn't written back to me; I guess it's time to send more letters.)


Jason Freidenfelds

32-01 23rd St., Apt. 3

Astoria, NY  11106






Dear Sprint Customer Care Reperesentavtive,


I have enjoyed calling your customer service care number primarily not for the excleent service, which ahs been whitout exception among the most excellent I have received in my experience with customer serice, but because the music you choose has actually been enjoyable to listen to.  I’ve been interested in the so called “smooth jazz” for years now, and your customer care line was the first I’ve heard that featured such music as par tof its “hold” music.


I am interested in purchasing the music that is included in the customer care “hold” time.  There are three songs, on eof which features a soprano saxophone wailing a very soulful tune (it has real “heart”), another of which is an enegetic piano song, and a third of which is a more thoughtful, almost contemplative, song.  (The third one, in fact, is my favorite, but, I also like the soprano sax tune).


I would like to buy a CD by the musicians who played this jazz.  Do you know what they are called, or who is in the band?  If there is another department at Spring that might now the answer, please forward my letter to them.  I am very excited about being able to own an actual CD of this group (or the players in the group – especailly the saxophone player.


May I also recommend Iron Maiden as possible new “hold” music?  I’ve been a fan of Iron Maiden for years now, and it’s some of my favorite music.  I’m particular ly fond of the song “Icarus,” as well as the song “Alexander the Great,” which is an epic song about the epic life of the great Alexander.  It’s actually 8 mnutes and 29 seconds long , which shoud keep your customers entertained while they wait, as well as eduacated (it is actually based on factual history)!  Another song is called “Rime of the ANcient Mariner,” and it is based on Coleridge’s epic poem.  This, as well, would make good “hold” music since it is 13 mintues and 34 seconds long, and even though your computers can sometimes be very slow and hold up customers, it would be okay since they would be hearing a remake of a classic poem that is both etnertaining and educational.


Well, that is just an idea.  But I know my freinds would like it too.  They also like the “smooth jazz”.


So, if you can respond, I would be happy to hear what you have to say.  I would like to know how I can find more of the jazz that I heard “on hold” a few days ago.


Thank you,







Jason “Frabbyflaps” Freidenfelds